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Relocating within NYC’s borough of Brooklyn is much more enjoyable with the help of excellent Bergen Beach movers. Our professional services make the whole experience that much easier, so if you need to move your business, home, or just require some packing, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us for additional information, and you’ll receive a free quote on everything we have to offer.

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Check Out This Safe, Affordable, and Diverse Brooklyn Neighborhood

Bergen Beach is a suburban neighborhood in the southeastern part of the Bronx. The community overlooks Jamaica Bay, which offers plenty of excellent outdoor areas you can explore. It also provides affordable housing while remaining very safe, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn you can move to, especially if you’re a part of a racial minority group.

This Brooklyn, NY, Neighborhood Is Both Safe and Relatively Affordable

You can expect to find some very affordable real estate if you’re planning on living in Brooklyn. According to Niche, the neighborhood’s median home value of $638,200 is just below the borough’s $665,300. On the other hand, the median rent of $1,600 per month is about 14% more expensive than Brooklyn’s and NYC’s rent of $1,400. With the lower price point, buying is clearly a more affordable option, so it comes as no surprise that owners occupy 64% of all local households.

Bergen Beach is also a secure place, as its crime rates easily make it one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It experiences about 1080 felonies per 100,000 residents, with less than 300 violent crimes. These numbers are even lower, as the community has about 13,600 residents overall. Furthermore, these overall crime rates are 47% lower than the city’s, which would also put it among the safest neighborhoods in NYC.

African Americans Make up a Significant Part of This Diverse Community

The neighborhood has become racially diverse rather quickly. By the end of the 20th century, a vast majority of locals were White, with many residents being Italian-Americans. By 2011, the African American population has risen by more than 240%, more than in any other part of the city. Today, the White race is still the most prominent with 56%, but African Americans are now the second-largest group with 23%. Hispanics are represented by about 13% and Asians with 6% of the population.

Excellent Outdoor Areas Are Only a Short Distance Away From the Neighborhood

Ask yourself, why travel to the best hikes near NYC when you have a variety of possibilities in almost every direction right here in this neighborhood. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’re going to love the sheer amount of open spaces in the area. Marine Park and its Sal Marsh Nature Trail are a short distance away, while The North Forty Natural Area is just south of the neighborhood. Other good spots include Canarsie and Paerdegat Basin Park, with the latter being known for its population of horseshoe crabs. With so many places to explore within a short distance from the community, getting around the terrain is going to be a lot more efficient if you get a ride from a bike rental in NYC.

Local New York Moving Companies Can Make Your Move a Lot Less Complicated

Moving by yourself within a large place such as NYC can be challenging even for those that have some relocation experience. Between all the things that need to be done and the high traffic congestion, you’re bound to be left stressed out by the whole process. You can avoid all this by hiring a local moving company to help you out. This is where Twin Brothers Movers comes to the rescue. Our reputable family business is here to provide you with a much more enjoyable relocation experience.

Our Bergen Beach Movers Have All the Services You’ll Need to Move Your Home

As one of the top moving companies in New York, we can provide you with everything you’ll need for a successful move. First up is our excellent packing service. It’s common knowledge that all relocations start with packing. However, this is also the time where you’ll encounter the most moving stress, as the process can take up too much of your time, often leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Having top-tier New York movers there to assist you will make packing a lot more manageable.

No relocation can be completed without a sufficient workforce and a moving truck, and our residential relocation service will provide you with just that. In a rare case that any damage occurs during the move, you’ll be fairly compensated as all your belonging will be insured. However, this doesn’t apply to explosives, toxic substances, or anything that might be hazardous. These are all uninsurable, and as such, items movers won’t move.

Professional Movers in Bergen Beach Also Provide Commercial Relocations Service

Our New York moving company also offers commercial relocation services. While they are not that different from a regular residential move, business relocations are much grander in scope and require an experienced team and some additional planning. Furthermore, a company needs to be relocated quickly, so the process doesn’t interfere with its day-to-day operations. Our team will minimize the downtime, which will enable your business to get back on track very quickly.

Top New York City Movers Cover All Five Boroughs

While some New York City moving companies focus on just one, we cover all five boroughs. If your current home is in one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, and you’re planning on living in Staten Island, our local movers in New York will have you covered. We provide services in a large 30-mile radius, so there’s no place in the city that we can’t get to.

Contact Us if You Need Some Help While Moving in New York City

Now that you know what our company is about and the services we offer, all you have to do is contact us and book your move. You can learn more about our prices by requesting a free quote, which will enable you to plan your budget much more effectively. Call us, and we can start planning your relocation right away.