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Hiring a reputable relocation company to handle your move will make the whole process a lot easier for you. Our local Bensonhurst movers are not only affordable, but they provide excellent professional services that will cover just about everything you’ll need to have a straightforward, stress-free move. Contact us today, and you’ll receive a quote on any service you need.

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Consider Relocating Here if You Are a Part of an Ethnic Minority Group

Bensonhurst is located in the southwestern part of Brooklyn. This residential neighborhood is home to several ethnic groups, making it one of the more diverse places to live in NYC. The community is very safe, the local real estate is relatively affordable, and plenty of opportunities are only a short distance away.

Real Estate Is Relatively Affordable, but Renting Is Even Cheaper

Living in Brooklyn usually enables you to find some excellent housing for a very affordable price. If you’re looking to buy a place in this neighborhood, the median home value of $592,800 (*data from AreaVibes) is about 16% higher than NYC’s $508,900. Fortunately, the median rent of $1,200 is 8% lower than the city’s $1,300. Renting is a more popular option anyway, with about 68% of all households being occupied by renters.

Most of the Residents Are Italian-Americans or Have an Asian Ancestry

This is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn if you’re a part of a racial or ethnic minority group. The location is often called Brooklyn’s Little Italy due to a significant number of Italian-American residents. While around 49.4% of the population identify as White, Asians represent almost 40% of the overall population. The community is becoming the borough’s second Chinatown, as it has the largest number of Hong Kong and Chinese-born residents in NYC. Finally, although African Americans represent only about 1% of the population, 29% identify as Latino or Hispanic of any race.

Besides being diverse, Bensonhurst is also very safe overall. The community experiences about 1,150 crimes per 100,000 residents each year (*according to Niche), which easily puts it among the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. If we compare it to the borough as a whole, its overall crime rates are 50% lower. These same numbers also make it one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, period, as it has fewer felonies than most other places in the metropolis.

You Can Find Plenty of Opportunities in the Nearby Urban Areas

Even though most of the community consists of residential housing, the nearby area offers more than enough fun and interesting activities that you can explore. For example, Dyker Beach Park is right around the corner. Although its trails can’t replace the best hikes near NYC, it has an 18-hole golf course and a beautiful beachside view of the Bay. It’s also home to the Junior Golf Center, the only place in the city where young golfers can learn more about the sport.

It will take you less than 20 minutes to get to Coney Island, so head down there and explore all of its exciting opportunities. Besides its famous beach, you can also visit Luna Park, explore some of its 19 attractions, or check out the US’s oldest aquarium.

Professional Moving Companies in New York Can Make Your Move a Lot Easier

Relocations are not easy to organize, especially in a big place such as NYC. While DIY is not entirely impossible, the slight gains are not enough to compensate for the genuine risks that may occur during your move. You’ll not only be exposed to much more moving stress than when hiring a professional, but you’ll also be responsible for any damage that might occur during the transport. You could lose way more money if some of your items break than you would ever have to spend on a local mover. Avoiding this is relatively easy, as all you have to do is hire Twin Brothers Movers, a well respected and affordable New York moving company.

Get Our Bensonhurst Movers if You Want Top-Notch Relocation Services

Residential relocation service is perfect for you whether you’re relocating to an apartment or a house. Having our professional company to back you up will make your home move a lot easier. You’ll receive an appropriate moving truck that can fit all your items, as well as a sufficient workforce.

Although not as popular as residential moves, commercial relocations are also highly requested, as there are not that many New York movers that know how to move a company properly. We understand that time efficiency is the most crucial thing when relocating a business. Unless your establishment produces one of the items movers won’t move, like explosives, flammables, or anything that’s uninsurable, contact us, and we’ll take care of everything.

Need Help With Packing? We’re Among the Best New York Moving Companies for the Job

While many moving hacks enable you to pack up your belongings quicker, they can’t replace an excellent professional team. Getting a top-notch packing service has a lot of benefits. You won’t have to go out and buy supplies, as our movers in Bensonhurst will bring all the necessary materials. They also know how to pack all kinds of items, minimizing the chances of damage occurring during the move.

The Best New York City Movers Operate Throughout the Five Boroughs

Covering all five boroughs has enabled us to become one of the top New York City moving companies in the business today. Our local movers in New York are there to provide you with all the services you might need, even when you’re living in Staten Island and relocating to one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx.

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