Which Bronx Park to Visit After Moving to This New York City Borough?

Have you just moved to this neighborhood with New York movers and are looking for a place for outdoor activities? One of the first things you’ll notice is that this part of NYC has many green oases. The Bronx park is the most famous because the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo are situated here. This is just one of the sanctuaries that you should visit in this borough, and in this text, we’re giving you a list of the most exciting public green spaces in this borough.

Read our list of the best outdoor spaces and pick a park in the Bronx to visit

Which New York City Borough Has Most Parks?

If you’re wondering how many acres in the Bronx are covered with green space, you should know that around 25% of the Bronx’s area is open space. If you’re moving to one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, know that this place is known as the borough of parks. Parks in Bronx, NY are places where people who live here can spend time in the fresh air and enjoy the sun. Greenery is something that this NY borough is famous for, and people who live here are fortunate to have this many spaces for outdoor activities of all kinds.

If you like to spend your free time outside, doing all sorts of fun activities like running, walking, playing with kids or dogs, parks in the Bronx will be your favorite areas to explore. We hope that you’re moving with pets to this borough because they will love it. We all know how walking, sports activities, and spending time outside, is vital for living a healthy and fulfilled life. If you like riding a bicycle, think about renting one, and learn all you need to know about using the bike rental in NYC.

Take a walk around some of the best open spaces and gardens in this borough

Find the Right Bronx Park for Your, Visit the Zoo and Many Other Local Attractions

As we already mentioned before, there are numerous open green sanctuaries in this borough. But, we have to start somewhere, right? Let’s introduce you to three oases, where you can spend your sunny days.

Van Cortlandt Park – Hiking Tours and a Green Field for Running Free

This is the second-largest public green zone in NYC. Van Cortlandt’s public garden is made of over 1,146 acres, where you can enjoy multiple playing fields, tick oak forests, and playgrounds. There’s something for everyone. Parents and kids would enjoy nature and running free through the woods, and after that, they can play in the many playgrounds.

In the heart of the borough, this gem is famous for its hiking trails, and there are five of them. They’re all around 1,5 miles long each. Many people enjoy hiking, and they join the hiking tours on the most well-known Putnam trail. The oldest house in the borough is located here as well as the largest freshwater lake in this neighborhood.

Bronx Park – Check the Virtual Bronx Zoo Tour and Learn About 1 Million Plants From the Botanical Garden

We could write a whole story about this beautiful space that would include bracing its ecological diversity and beauty. This place is full of surprises, wherever you look. The Bronx River flows here, there are two lakes, and the famous New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo are also here. If you can’t go to the Zoo at the moment, check their virtual tour, and enjoy different animals.

You can’t see all of this in one day, and you’ll be back for more once in a while. Who doesn’t want to try kayaking in the middle of the city? Or watching 1 million plants? Maybe you’re more into riding a bicycle, enjoying a baseball match, or playing tennis. Pick activities that you like and have fun. If you’re thinking about working outdoors when the weather is warm, you can check the best places to work remotely in NYC.

Concrete Plant Park – One of the Bronx’s Most Underrated Gems

This place is built on a former concrete plant, which is one of the most unusual things about it. Opened in 2009, it became trendy among the citizens of this area. Concrete Plant is an excellent example of how community work can help revitalize abandoned places. This waterfront walking area incorporates its industrial past letting old buildings be the main attraction.

Here you can take a walk down the waterfront promenade, play chess on the boards, or ride a bicycle on the well-maintained paths. Visiting this place will show how peaceful and quiet waterfront paths can be, and you can easily read the book here or take a walk. If you need more convincing, watch this video, and see yourself.

What Is the Biggest Park in New York City?

For a city called Concrete Jungle, NY city has many green spaces to be proud of. More than three times bigger than Central Park, Pelham Bay is the most significant public garden in the Bronx and New York and has a long and rich history. It has somewhere around 2,765 acres of different facilities used by both sport and nature lovers.

Visitors can enjoy long walks on pathways and hiking tracks. There’s also breathtaking Orchard Beach and two golf courses for golf lovers. For runners and other sports enthusiasts, there are many different fields and courts. And, for the youngest generation, there are few playgrounds that they’ll love.

Let’s not forget about the stunning Bartow-Pell Mansion and a lot of other important facilities there. Here is the list of few more places that you shouldn’t skip in Pelham Bay: Statue of American Boy by sculptor Louis Saint-Lanne dedicated to young people and freedom, Edgar Allan Poe Cottage is the place where the famous writer spent his last days, Aileen B. Ryan Recreational Complex with many sports fields and playground for disabled children.

We Also Recommend You to Visit These 5 Parks Since They’ll Be Close to Your New Home

There are many stunning outdoor oases that you should see in this neighborhood, and we’re giving you 5 more to add to your list.

  • Soundview – It has soccer fields, a cricket pitch, basketball and handball courts,
  • Barretto Point – Has a kayak launch and fishing pier,
  • Crotona – Has a lake with turtles, ducks, and fish,
  • Macombs Dam – Great spot for all baseball fans out there,
  • Seton Falls – Oasis with an artificial waterfall.
Imagine the peace after spending the whole day in nature

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