Breweries in Manhattan With Craft Beer You Have to Try

Written by: Chloe Platt

Ever heard of the “beer before bread” theory? It suggests that the first agricultural societies weren’t formed because people figured out how to make bread, but because they realized they could produce beers. If you are an NYC brewski buff considering moving to The City, you’ll be happy to know there are a few top-notch breweries in Manhattan. It is as good of a reason for settling down as any!

The most popular craft styles of today have been perfected throughout the millennia.

The Art of Brewing

The art of brewing has been around ever since the dawn of civilization. Beer is widely considered the first recorded recipe in the world. From the first brewmasters of Mesopotamia to modern-day hipster brewers, it has always been an essential part of human culture. If that sounds fascinating to you, you should probably check out this brief history of beer. If you are more interested in the here and now of brewing, continue reading!

Brewing is Happening in Manhattan

Weather Up or Downtown, you can always find a decent pint in this part of New York. Moving from one borough to another can be just as stressful as moving long-distance, and assimilating to a new neighborhood is a draining process. However, if you are a brewer at heart or merely like drinking craft beers, you can rest assured that the brewing culture here is flourishing and that you’ll fit right in. So, if you want to learn more about it, you’re in the right place. Naturally, there are many other aspects of living in Manhattan, but don’t worry – we got you covered for that as well!

Brewing is a refined craft with a long history.

The Finest Breweries in Manhattan, NY

What is the finest Manhattan brewery, you may ask? Well, with a little Yelp from our friends (pun intended), we have compiled a list of the best-rated places where you can unwind and crack open a cold one. Before we name a few, here are alternative ways of dealing with moving stress besides rolling out the barrel.

Finding the Right Brewery

Prior to relocating, you probably had a beloved pub or brewery where “everybody knew your name and were always glad you came.” Instead of wallowing in nostalgia, the number one item on your moving to-do list should be choosing favorite local beers from a favorite Manhattan brewery. Here are just some to take into consideration:

  • The Ginger Man – located in Midtown, this brewery offers a great selection of beers available on tap and has been recommended by non-other than Michael Jackson.
  • Rattle and Hum – this brewery is well renowned for being a gateway bar into the world of craft beers.
  • Harlem Blue – located in Harlem, NYC, just as the name suggests, these brewers pride themselves on authenticity and delicious first-grade ales.
  • The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites NYC – another Harlem jewel, this brewery has a selection of over 30 different beers and a robust food menu. If you’re moving with pets, you will be able to take your dog here, because there’s outdoor seating available.
  • Torch and Crown Brewing Company – for all those stay-at-home brewers and/or consumers out there, this brewery provides a delivery service available on weekends too. To find out how the venue is battling the coronavirus crisis, check out the video below.

What’s on the Menu?

Choosing the right brewers is just the first step. Choosing the right type of brew is a whole other level. It can be challenging to decide what to order: should you go for a sturdy stout or perhaps a light lager or maybe something a bit more exotic? With so many different brewing styles and so many breweries out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you want to truly feel like a local, here are some of the most popular beers in The City.

The Beer Necessities

There are many answers to the question what’s on tap: tripel, witbier, brown ale, Indian pale ale, mild ale, old ale, porter, Scotch ale, stout, amber ale, American pale ale, American wild ale, cream ale, ice lager, pumpkin ales, porter, Irish red ale, pilsner, and so forth. If you are a fan of dark Belgian ales, De Dolle Oerbier is the choice for you with its malty, brown sugary taste. If you prefer something lighter, you should try an NYC classic Brooklyn Lager. As far as something spicy goes, an array of pumpkin ales is available throughout the year, not just during the fall season.

Always Look on the Light Cider Life

You will be pleased to know that one of the more famous beverages in The CIty is the Apple Cider Cocktail for all you cider fans out there. Apart from being easy to make, almost all of the breweries mentioned above have their take on the recipe!

Too many choices? You can always ask your local brewer for a recommendation!

New York, New York

If you are an NYC beer enthusiast relocating to The City, dedicate yourself to exploring the best neighborhoods in Manhattan or mingling with the brewers. Leave the tiresome task of moving to your local New York movers. After all, what’s the point of living in the greatest city in the world if you can’t enjoy the cakes and ale, or rather, cakes and beers?

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