The Best Places to Work Remotely in NYC

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Written by: Michael Vaughan

When moving to another New York neighborhood, you will have to get acquainted with your surroundings all over again. You might have a job that requires you to be available at all times, so you need to know about the best places to work remotely in NYC. Since you won’t always have time to go back home or get to the office, we listed some great spots where you can finish up the work.

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Coffee Shops Might Be the Best Places to Work Remotely in NYC

A coffee shop can offer excellent conditions for you to work remotely. Besides getting coffee and free WiFi, they also offer delicious snacks for you to enjoy while working. They are also great for charging up your laptop and phone, which makes them some of the best places to do work in NYC.

Best Coffee Shops in NYC for Remote Work

What are the best cafes to work in NYC? You may become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices, so you’ll want to find a place that suits your needs and also has free WIFi and enough space for you to work. Before we move on to our list, here are some of the best cafes in Brooklyn and Manhattan for remote work:

  • Caféine – amazing European cafe in Harlem, Manhattan
  • Ground Central Coffee Company – a library-like cafe in Midtown Manhattan
  • Devocion – part cafe part roastery that has a vertical garden and lots of seating in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Bluestone Lane – an Australian-style cafe with really fast internet in South Slope, Brooklyn
Find a favorite shop in the city where you can finish up your tasks.

A Cafe That Doubles as a Coworking Hub

With lots of coffee shops available, many offer good working conditions, and people are beginning to use these as coworking hubs. At a certain time of the day, these are a great environment for you to do your job.

Berg’n Offers Cheap Coffee Refills and Free WiFi

If you’re planning on living in Brooklyn, one of the greatest coworking hubs near you will be the Berg’n cafe in Crown Heights. It provides all the customers with free internet, great coffee with $1 refills, amazing pastry, and various food stalls. There’s also an outdoor patio if you need to take a break out in the open.

Check Out 61 Local If You’re in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Doubling as a coworking space by day and as a bar at night, 61 Local offers a great environment with amazing long wooden tables and free internet. You can also snack on sandwiches while tackling daily tasks. If you stay after 5 p.m., you can relax and enjoy their amazing craft beer brews.

Finish up group projects in one of the coworking hubs.

Parks Offer a Lot of Open Working Space

When you have a lot of tasks that need to be done, but you don’t want to spend your whole day inside, then a park can be a great place to finish up your obligations. When looking for a good outdoor space, there are some things you need to consider, most importantly, WiFi availability, transportation, and if public restrooms are available nearby. If you’re planning on living in Manhattan, Bryant Park offers internet, clean restrooms, and there are enough tables and shade. If the weather is good, you can visit Brooklyn Bridge Park, enjoy waterfront views, and unlimited internet, where you can make your workday feel like it’s a day off.

City parks offer an open environment for you to do your tasks.

Libraries in NY Have Peaceful Workspaces

Libraries have always been amazing places to visit for remote workers. They offer unlimited WiFi and peaceful working conditions. The only downside is that they often prohibit food and beverages on their grounds. The New York Public Library is one of these, but it’s amazingly decorated and has over 600 seats available. Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch has a lot of workspaces and has great lighting. There’s also an open area if you need some fresh air.

A library can be a perfect spot to think in peace.

Hotels Lobbies Are a Great Choice for Remote Workers

Hotels are very good options for those looking to finish some tasks remotely. They often have a large lobby or even a dedicated study area and free WiFi. Ace Hotel in Manhattan has a huge Lobby Bar that you can use during the day. In addition to many long tables and couches, there’s a bar that serves great coffee and offers some small bites as well. There’s also The NoMad Hotel library, which is open to non-hotel visitors before 4 p.m. Hotels are also great options if you’re planning a staycation in NYC.

Hotels offer comfortable and relaxing entertainment.

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