The 2020 Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx

Written by: Chloe Platt

Are you thinking about a local NYC move and wondering what the best neighborhoods in the Bronx are? Since you are already living in the area of New York, you know that it is a bit challenging finding cheaper, but nonetheless great housing in the city. In that case, this borough could be your perfect answer. Follow our list and decide which neighborhood suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx?

You might be wondering: Are there nice areas of the Bronx? Many people think that this borough and its “neighborhood ghettos” are very dangerous, but we have to tell that such an image should be left in the past. Since the 1980s, this place has been rebuilt, and crime rates dropped drastically. The friendly community is diverse, and people interact with each other for the benefit of everybody. From affordable housing and safety to its green areas and rich culture, there’s plenty to love about the borough. Organize a moving away party with friends and celebrate your relocation to one of these fantastic neighborhoods:

  • Riverdale
  • Pelham Bay
  • Fordham
  • Mott Haven
  • City Island
Soon enough, you'll want to be a part of this community.

Riverdale Is Probably the Best Area to Live in the Bronx

Riverdale is a beautiful family-friendly neighborhood that has been attracting young parents for years. The main reason why this is the best area to live is its safety. Believe it or not, Riverdale is safer than 85% of other NYC areas. Anyone moving with pets will be happy to hear that pet-friendly apartments can be easily found. If you want to live in a quiet and serene place that is only 20 minutes away from Manhattan, you should move to this fantastic neighborhood.

If You Want to Live Close to Excellent Schools, Consider Moving to Riverdale

Another reason why young parents choose to settle here are top-rated private schools. Fieldston Middle School, Yeshiva of the Telshe Alumni, and Ethical Culture Fieldston School all offer the highest quality education. The curriculum is rigorous, but teachers work hard to motivate their students. If you move here and enroll your children in some of these schools, you are guaranteed an excellent education.

Riverdale is best for young couples raising children.

Pelham Bay: Living in a Low Crime Area

Similar to our previous entry, Pelham Bay is a favorite place for a family or people who are looking to retire. Annually, this middle-class neighborhood reports one crime per 1000 residents, which is very low for an urban place. Pelham Bay has a mixture of urban and suburban apartment buildings and renting a two-bedroom apartment will cost you around $2,300.

Pelham Bay Park Is the Largest NYC Park

Pelham Bay got its name from Pelham Bay Park, which is three times bigger than Central Park in Manhattan. A vast Orchard Beach is a real gem, and there are plenty of hiking and biking trails. This park also has two major golf courses and other sports fields. Bartow-Pell Museum is a beautiful mansion located in this park and is the last surviving 19th-century country house in this neighborhood.

Orchard Beach is a favorite spot for Pelham Bay locals.

The Young Crowd Is in Fordham

Fordham is home to Fordham University and, as you can assume, this place is marked by the younger population. The nightlife scene is exciting, and shopaholics can stroll down the great Fordham Road. You’ll also find the most delicious NYC Italian cuisine on Arthur Avenue. This neighborhood offers the beautiful New York Botanical Garden, a Zoo, and the magnificent Paradise Theater.

Apartment Rent Is Pretty Cheap in This Bronx Neighborhood

Apart from many great things that make this place unique, safe, and exciting, you’ll be happy to hear that rents are more than affordable. The current median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $1900.

Many will argue that Bronx's Zoo is the best of its kind in America.

A Happy Future for Anyone Who Chooses to Move to Mott Haven

Mott Haven is for those who own a vehicle because this place is not known for good public transport options. Still, if you become a Mott Haven resident, you’ll have plenty of other things to be happy about. New developments started, and some newer high-end buildings are marking this place as a desirable one already. Surely many new exciting things are happening in this neighborhood, but for now, we will tell you that Mott Haven has five bridges that allow quick commute to Manhattan and Queens. Both family people and young professionals are already settling here, so what are you waiting for?

Mott Haven is becoming the most desirable place to live in the area.

City Island Is the Richest Part of the Bronx

According to the latest accounts, City Island is the richest part of the borough, with a current median home value of $511,000. The prices can go even higher, but if you can pay for a great real estate, you won’t regret buying one. City Island is a close-knit community, which means that everybody knows each other. You can’t throw a rock without getting into trouble, so we can say that this is a pretty safe place for living. Since the location is right on the water, you’ll find some great restaurants with delicious and fresh seafood.

Start Your New Adventure in City Island by Taking a Boat Tour

This place is a 1.5-mile island that is pretty different from the rest of New York City. Anyone who comes here will tell you that the atmosphere is pretty much what living in a New England seaside village feels like. The locals say that living here is like being on vacation. If you want to make this place your home, you can start this adventure by renting a boat to feel the relaxing and beachy atmosphere of this beautiful island.

Check Out This Video to See the Best Seafood Restaurants in City Island

That’s a Wrap on the Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx

We hope our list convinced you that this New York City borough is the best place you can choose to settle in the area. When you decide to start your local relocation, be sure to hire reliable New York moving services near you. To avoid moving stress, you can contact Twin Brothers Movers, who will carefully pack and transport your precious belongings to your brand-new residence.

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