5 Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Singles

Are you planning to relocate locally within the Big Apple and searching for the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles? Since you’re already living in the area, you know that this place is home to a significant number of young professionals, college grads, and millennials. However, some areas definitely stand out more than others in this regard. Keep reading and find the best place to live in NYC for singles that will fit you just right.

Find a home in one of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles.

Is It Possible to Live Alone in NYC?

Meeting a partner in the Big Apple used to be pretty challenging. That was at least the conclusion of a survey done by Time Out in 2015. According to their research, around 60% of women and 50% of men said that finding romance is complicated. However, odds have changed. Newer studies have concluded that in specific NY areas, chances of meeting your match are higher. So, where do singles meet in NYC? Before you schedule your chosen New York movers, check our list of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles.

The odds of finding the one in NY are higher now.

1.  West Village is One of the Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Singles

Wondering what is the best neighborhood to live in Manhattan? We highly recommend West Village, one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for a single person in New York City. A great number of millennials settle here every year to start a career and find a significant other. Thus, looking for a date won’t be that difficult. Even the neighborhood’s scenery is romantic. You can enjoy romantic walks on its cobblestone streets and wander alongside charming small houses. West Village is also a very peaceful neighborhood that loves dogs. If you’re moving with pets, you’ll be happy to know that your furry friends are welcome pretty much anywhere.

West Village Is One of the Priciest NYC Areas

As you may already know, living in Manhattan can be pricey. You should keep that in mind when you start planning your moving expenses checklist. The cost of living index in West Village is 210, which is much higher than the national average of 100. The most significant factor is housing, with the median rent of around $4,500. Yet, with a good real estate agent, you can find something more affordable. Just remember to put house hunt on top of your moving to-do list.

You can have a perfect night-walk on West Village's cobblestone streets.

2.  Lower East Side Is a Bohemian Enclave for the Youth

The Lower East Side is one of the best places in NYC for singles. With so many galleries, restaurants, and bars, anyone living in the area can meet people around every corner. Locals love mingling with one another, keeping the bohemian spirit of the Lower East Side. This place is also known for its unique and hip events, like the Lower East Side Film Festival. There’s no shortage of cool spots where you can meet people and potentially find your future partner.

Meet your soulmate in one of many Lower East Side art galleries.

3.  Single People Should Consider Greenpoint

Located in Brooklyn, Greenpoint is a low-key area that can offer plenty of job opportunities. If you decide to move here, you’ll notice that a great number of young professionals live in Greenpoint. Therefore, it’s very likely to find a perfect match in the area. According to StreetEasy, Greenpoint residents are more eager to exchange numbers and go out for drinks once they hit it off with one another. What’s more, crime rates in this area are low, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Learn how to pack glasses for moving, organize a memorable moving away party, and move to wonderful Greenpoint.

New Residential Developments in One of the Best NYC Neighborhoods for Singles

The current median home rent in Greenpoint is around $2300, which is 17% lower than last year. At this moment, there are some residential developments in the area. They are part of the Greenpoint Landing project that will bring around 5000 apartments and splendid waterfront parks. Check out the video below if you want to see the building constructions in progress.

4.  Williamsburg: A Hip New York City Area

Living in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg is a blast for young people. This place is mostly home to 30-somethings, and more than half of them identify as single. With many young people who live in the area and the Manhattan-like nightlife, you’ll quickly meet others and find your soulmate. You can have a great night out combining Williamsburg Hall of Music or Brooklyn Bowl with a waterfront walk. There’s also the Nitehawk Cinema, where you and your date can watch a movie and have dinner. Crime rates are 30% lower than the national average, so it’s pretty safe to stroll its streets late in the evening.

If you like spending nights in clubs and bars, consider relocating to Williamsburg.

5.  The Odds of Finding a Partner in Astoria Are High

Located only a 15-minute drive from Midtown Manhattan, Astoria is one of the best places to live in Queens. While it doesn’t have much of a nightlife, there are a couple of hip bars and places where you can grab food and drinks and meet your match. The eateries are also pretty impressive. You’ll find Russian, Greek, Hispanic, and kosher food, all within walking distance. Astoria is a unique place where you’ll find a bunch of spots to hang out with friends and meet new people in the process.

You’ll Find an Affordable Apartment in This Neighborhood in No Time

One of the greatest things about living in Queens’s Astoria is affordable housing. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have no problem finding a cheap place to live. The current median rent for a studio apartment is around $1900, while renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $2100. And for this same price, you’ll most likely stay in a more spacious apartment here than in some upscale NY area.

You can meet someone easily while drinking your morning coffee in Astoria.

Hire Reliable New York Movers and Have a Successful Relocation

And that’s a wrap on 5 best neighborhoods in NYC for singles! We bet that you’ve found the one that matches your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. When you start planning your local relocation, be sure to hire trustworthy New York movers. Call Twin Brothers Movers if you want to avoid moving stress. We will provide efficient and reliable packing and moving services. Our professional and well-trained movers in New York will come fully equipped with boxes and moving supplies. Call our representatives today, start your exciting journey, and meet your soulmate along the way.

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