A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in NYC for Families

You’ve been living in New York for a long time, but aren’t sure what the best neighborhoods in NYC for families are? When moving with a family, even if only locally, you should find a safe location with a lot to offer before even looking at moving companies in New York. Well, we are here to help you with your search.

New York cityscape
Living in New York City is a chance for you and your family to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Is NYC a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Although there are many misconceptions about moving and raising kids in cities, some crucial points show that raising a family in New York is excellent. Some of the advantages of this option are:

  • Healthcare is one of the essential things to think about when you have a family. The city is known for the best children’s hospitals and doctors in the world.
  • From concerts, movies, theater, fantastic restaurants, and cafes that include children’s unbelievably delicious menus, you will have a lot to look forward to.
  • Whether your choice is public or private schools for your kids, you won’t make a mistake choosing any of them.

5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in NYC

Choosing the best neighborhood for you and your children is never an easy task on your moving to-do list. Many spots come to mind, but the most relevant are usually located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. With these suggestions, we are sure that you are going to make the best choice. So here they are! The best places to raise a family in NYC, go through them all, pick a favorite, and start planning your going-away party.

People sitting in a park in New York
Living in the city has a lot to offer, you only have to choose.

Park Slope in Brooklyn is One of the Best Known Neighborhoods for Young Families

This location has a lot to offer, from a strong school system to its proximity to Prospect Park, which is great if you’re relocating with pets too. There is also a fantastic restaurant scene and some of the best cafes to work in NYC that can help young parents enjoy some alone time. It is also the perfect spot to let your kids develop some imagination while visiting places like Taro’s Origami Studio or the Superhero Supply Company, where they will certainly have fun.

A Street in Park Slope
This beautiful place in Brooklyn will win your heart in an instance.

The Beauty That This Part of a Town Has to Offer

According to many locals, Park Slope is one of the most beautiful corners of the metropolis if you prefer living in Brooklyn. Find out why in the video below.

Battery Park City in Manhattan is One of the Safest Neighborhoods

Battery Park City is the best location to forget about all the moving stress you’ve had. With a breathtaking view of the Statue of Liberty, outstanding scenery, great restaurants, an excellent school system, and a low crime rate, it is one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Everything is near, from supermarkets to pharmacies – you will get everywhere you need in no time, and a bike rental is an option too.

Sunset in Battery Park City
The view that this fantastic place has to offer will be a treat for your eyes and soul.

Riverdale in the Bronx Has Affordable Housing And Friendly Neighbors That Give the Feeling of a Real Community

Riverdale has a lot of history, a beautiful view of the Hudson River, 3rd largest park in NYC, Van Cortlandt Park, and many activities for you and your family. A great peaceful location for your home with a lot of character is perfect for family life in the Bronx, and that is why it is one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx.

A picnic
Riverdale has a lot of activities for you and your family and friends to enjoy

Upper West Side in Manhattan Is a Place That Has It All

Upper West Side is one of the best locations in NYC for families, with two of the most beautiful parks (Central and Riverside Park), ten playgrounds, many iconic institutions nearby (American Museum of Natural History, Symphony Space, Lincoln Center…), plenty of restaurants, cafes, stores… It has excellent schools, both public or private. The perfect place to enjoy your new home.

Upper West Side
Upper West Side offers so much for you and your family. With beautiful architecture, you will undoubtedly enjoy your new home.

Find Out More About the Charming Upper West Side

Is Upper West Side a strong candidate for your future address and you feel like you should go apartment hunting around it? Then check out the following video to get to know it better.

Tribeca in Manhattan – Higher Rents, But Everything Is Within Reach

This is the place for you if you are looking for something more exclusive. There is always something happening here, from sports and activity venues to the Hudson River Park. The public school system is excellent, and every central subway line is just minutes away, so you are always connected to the rest of the city. You’ll get to experience all the perks of living in Manhattan.

Tribeca view
Tribeca is a modern location that has a variety of activities to offer and many spots to sit and relax

The Best Neighborhoods in the City Are Waiting for You – Call Your New York Movers

You will not make a mistake, no matter which one of these locations you choose for your dream home with your family. All you have to do now is find a local moving company in New York and book their moving services. Twin Brothers Movers is a team of NY movers dedicated to making your local relocation easy. We offer everything from residential moving to professional commercial moving services, as well as packing services. If there are any items you’d rather not bring with you, you can always opt to donate furniture in NYC. And if you’re not sure where to donate clothes in NYC, make sure to check out our blog. Contact us today and let our local New York movers take care of your relocation.