The Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan to Live in 2021

Moving in New York does require some preparation, but if you know what you’re looking for, finding all the best neighborhoods in Manhattan shouldn’t be a problem for you. The borough is a large and diverse place, so we selected several communities that can suit anyone, no matter their preferences. Since we did most of the research, you only have to continue reading to determine which neighborhood fits your needs the most.

This list will help you find all the top places in the borough

What Is the Best Neighborhood to Live in Manhattan?

The answer to this question is not that straightforward and can vary significantly depending on your preferences and needs. The good thing is that the borough has something for everyone regardless of what they like. If you’re not sure where to live in Manhattan, you should ask yourself a few questions when going through each neighborhood:

  • Is the district affordable?
  • Does it have good schools?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does it have parks and other amenities?
  • Can I see myself living here?

If the answer to most of the questions is yes, then the neighborhood should definitely be on your radar. Relocating in the big city can be challenging, though, so if you need any help with the move, consider adding local New York movers to your moving expenses checklist.

Each area offers unique and exciting opportunities

What Is the Richest Part of Manhattan? That Would Be the Upper West Side

If you’re planning to live in Uptown, one of the best sections of Manhattan, you should definitely consider the Upper West Side if you can afford it. Located between the Hudson River and Central Park, this luxurious, mostly residential community is one of Manhattan’s leading intellectual and cultural hubs. According to Niche, it has some of the city’s most expensive real estate, with a median home value of $1.45 million. Fortunately, the rent cost of $2,100 is relatively cheap, especially for this section. That’s not all that the UWS can boast about. If you look at NYC’s crime map, you can clearly see that it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan, with crime rates that are even lower than the national average.

West 66th Street Is Famous for Hosting the Lincoln Center

People that like music and performance arts are going to love it here. West 66th Street is famous for its Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which houses impressive performing arts organizations such as the Metropolitan Opera House, NYC Ballet, and NY Philharmonic. Among many activities organized here, we have to mention the Midsummer Night Swing Festival, which gathers 1920s-inspired bands who encourage everyone to dance. If you want to make this place your next residency, find a New York moving company that has Upper West Side movers.

Lincoln Center is an excellent location for lovers of performance art

Upper East Side Is the NYC’s “Gold Coast”

The Upper East Side (UES), also known as the “Gold Coast,” lies on Central Park’s eastern side. Like the UWS, this Uptown community is known for elite private schools, wealthy residents, and luxurious real estate. The median home value of $1.38 million is only slightly lower than in UWS, but the $2,400 monthly rent is relatively affordable. It’s also one of the borough’s main hubs, hosting the fantastic Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Guggenheim.

Living in the Upper East Side Will Provide Your Pet With Everything It Needs

If you’re relocating with pets, you’ll find that the Upper East Side is a perfect community for dog parents. Apart from Central Park, there are plenty of dog parks and off-leash areas such as Carl Schurz Park and Andrew Haswell Green Park. Besides, you’ll find plenty of pet-friendly apartment buildings and vet clinics. As relocating here would appeal to anyone, make sure you book some Uptown New York City movers as soon as you find a few good housing options.

Upper East Side and its many parks are like heaven on earth for dogs

Everybody Heard Stories About the Greenwich Village and the Movements That Started Here

Greenwich Village, most commonly referred to as “The Village,” is known for several reasons. Besides being the Bohemian capital in the US, it’s also the birthplace of the 60s counterculture, Beat, and LGBT movements, with many calling it an artist’s heaven. The charming urban feel with its tree-lined streets and low-rise brownstones attract many young people to The Village, making it one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles and young adults in general. Its Bleecker Street is known for having captivating bakeries such as Magnolia Bakery and Molly’s Cupcakes.

You’ll Need a Lot of Money to Buy an Apartment in Greenwich Village

Nobody said that living in Manhattan is cheap, but the strong demand keeps the real estate prices in the area relatively high. With a median apartment value of $1.46 million, Greenwich Village is one of NYC’s most expensive places to live. Furthermore, although the median rent of $2,600 is a lot more affordable, it may take you a while to find a good place at that price point. If the cost of living isn’t a problem for you, hire some Downtown Manhattan movers and start preparing for the relocation.

What is the hippest neighborhood in NYC? That title belongs to "The Village"

The Recent Gentrification Made Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen Two of the Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Gentrification has made Chelsea the best place to live in Manhattan. Although it’s primarily a residential community, it’s rich with businesses that reflect the population’s social and ethnic diversity. It’s also known as one of NYC’s art centers, with over 200 galleries. While the median home value of $1.2 million is on the higher end, the monthly rent of $2,300 is relatively inexpensive.

Hell’s Kitchen is not that far behind it, which is not surprising since these Midtown communities are right next to each other. The gentrification caused the renting prices to increase rapidly, with monthly rent going for $2,250 today. Although still not cheap, the median home price of $1.12 million is a lot more affordable than most similar places in the borough. The area also overlaps with the nearby Broadway theaters, making it a popular choice for actors. There’s also a fine selection of restaurants that reflect its diversity.

Both Locations Are Excellent Choices for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community

Both places are known for being large LGBTQ+ hotspots, with data showing that at least 22% of Chelsea’s population is made up of same-sex couples. The restaurant culture in Hell’s Kitchen consists of many LGBTQ-owned places, and you’ll find numerous gay-friendly nightlife spots such as the Flaming Saddles Saloon and Therapy bar. Those who want to live in one of Manhattan’s top LGBTQ+ areas should consider relocating here. If you have room in your budget, hire some local Midtown Manhattan movers to assist you with the move.

Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen are two of the most LGBTQ+-friendly places in the borough

Battery Park City Is One of NYC’s Safest Communities

If you’re wondering, “What are the safest areas in Manhattan?” then you should definitely check out Battery Park City. Its total crime rates are 33% lower than the city’s, with no reported murders, easily ranking it among the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Although mainly consisting of residential areas, it’s also known for Brookfield Place, a huge shopping center with plenty of boutiques and eateries. If you’re interested in relocating here, look for New York City moving companies that have Lower Manhattan movers.

It’s One of the Best Places to Raise a Family in NYC

Since it’s removed from Manhattan’s hustle and bustle, the district is also one of the excellent neighborhoods in NYC for families. As its name suggests, the area abounds in green spaces and parks such as Teardrop, The Battery, and Rockefeller, all overlooking the Hudson River. If you want to have a tour of the place, take a look at the video below.

Washington Heights Is One of Manhattan’s Most Affordable Places

Washington Heights’ lower cost of living makes it very desirable, and its median home price of only $493,000 is undoubtedly the most affordable on this list. Besides cheap housing, the median rent of $1,350 is also one of Manhattan’s lowest, perfect for those relocating on a budget. The low price attracts a lot of people to the district, which has over 150,000 residents despite having only a few high-rise buildings. This often leads to a drought in the real estate market, so you should quickly close the deal when you spot a listing you like.

There Are Plenty of Things to Do in Washington Heights

Apart from the affordable cost of living, this district has a lot to offer. You can spend more time outdoors in Fort Tryon Park, which also holds the real hidden gem, The Met Cloisters, a branch of the museum that focuses on European medieval architecture and art. Highbridge Park spans most of the neighborhood, making it an excellent alternative to some of the top hikes near NYC.

Washington Heights is very affordable for Manhattan's standards

Once You’ve Decided Where to Move, You’ll Want to Hire a New York Moving Company

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