9 Best Parks in Brooklyn You Need to Visit After Moving

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Wondering what is there to do in Brooklyn for free? You want to enjoy sunny days and relax after your relocation? In that case, parks in Brooklyn have everything you’re searching for if you want to do something for free and enjoy nature. The only thing you need is a blanket and a picnic basket. We will share with you some of the most amazing spots for a day outdoors in the Concrete Jungle.

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How Many Parks Are There in Brooklyn?

If you are moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, you should know that there are over 40 parks in Brooklyn, NY. That’s a lot of places to explore, for both people living in Brooklyn for a long time and for newcomers who have recently relocated locally. Take a stroll around the best Brooklyn parks in NY, relax your mind, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

What Is the Largest Park in Brooklyn NY? – Marine Park

Marine Park is the largest one since this 530-acre green space is a couple of acres larger than Prospect Park, which is the second largest in the area. It has been declared a Permanent Wild Reserve, which covers extensive land of grassland and salt marsh. It is also home to Salt Marsh Nature Center that organizes fun and informative events to educate the people about the rare flora and fauna that grow here.

Which One Has the Best View? – Owl’s Head Park

Owl’s Head Park, situated on Shore Road in Bay Ridge, offers the most attractive scenery of descending hills and quiet paths that take subtle turns to provide stunning views of New York City’s impressive skyline and the Verrazano Bridge. Visitors may take pleasant walks in the summertime or have picnics by the shore. There are many basketball courts and play areas, a skate park, a spectacular dog run, and during the winter, there’s also an ice-skating rink.

Brooklyn’s Flagship Park – Prospect Park

Prospect Park, designed over thirty years by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the visionaries behind Central Park, has developed into a signature attraction for tourists and locals. There is a large green space, and the area is well known for its dynamic watercourse and trees, the majority of Brooklyn’s surviving indigenous woodland. A zoo, the Audubon Centre, an ice rink, a carousel, and loads of sporting and entertainment facilities are found within its 526 acres.

Beside the scenery, this location is a perfect place for a peaceful walk

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

This gem stretches over 1.3 miles of Brooklyn’s waterfront, providing spectacular views of the scenic skyline of Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor. When walking along a long promenade with six separate piers, visitors can enjoy the fantastic cityscape. More engaged people are likely to enjoy the various entertainment amenities, including basketball courts, athletic fields, and the roller-skating arena. Visitors can enjoy various restaurants as they admire the beautiful scenery and stunning views.

The park stretches over 1.3 miles of the waterfront

Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park is one of Brooklyn’s least acknowledged treasured architectural landmarks. This iconic place, built more than a century ago, has become a sanctuary for the residents. It was an integral part of the lives of many prominent people, including Frederick Law Olmsted and Walt Whitman. Today, it is regularly visited by children enjoying sports, neighborhood members engaged in group activities, and tourists interested in history. Let’s go on a tour around Fort Greene Park by watching this short video.

East River State Park

In Williamsburg, East River State Park is yet another great place in the area. The site was used as a loading port and provided some of the most spectacular views of Manhattan, the skyline of NYC, and the Williamsburg Bridge. It is situated right on the East River waterfront.

After Owl’s Head, this location provides the second-best views of the skyline

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Another of Brooklyn’s finest non-official parks worth noting is this large pedestrian sidewalk along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, spanning the stunning coastline of Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor. This 1,826-foot structure is also known as the Esplanade and forms a part of the Historic Preservation District. It is a favorite spot for skateboarders, runners, and pedestrians due to its substantial length. The Promenade is a peaceful area and venue that attracts individuals who want to sit and gaze at the city view.

If you like long walks, this large pedestrian sidewalk is perfect for you

Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier

Louis Valentino Jr. and Pier in Red Hook are among the greatest hidden gems in the neighborhood with some of the best Statue of Liberty views. Also, this site has some of the finest views of the city’s sights and iconic scenes, such as Staten Island, Governor’s Island, and the Manhattan skyline. Assigned as a park in 1999, this magnificent spot was named after Louis Valentino Jr, a courageous firefighter. While most visitors come to this place because of the impressive view, other highlights you may be interested in include the Beard Street Pier, Waterfront Museum, and the Red Hook Recreation Area.

This place was named after a brave firefighter

Manhattan Beach Park

Manhattan Beach Park is a remote, peaceful beach near Coney Island, one of the most incredible things you can visit in the area. While it is now a tourist attraction, it used to be one of the most exclusive beach resorts that was challenging to reach. As a result, the beach is typically less busy than other beaches in the area, even in the summertime. This can be a perfect location for reading a book and soaking in the sun, but also a place where sports lovers can enjoy playing recreational games such as basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Explore this area if you enjoy less busy places

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