Moving From Manhattan, NY To New York, NY With Twin Brothers Movers

I had a relatively painless experience for a reasonable price, which is all I could ask for. I was doing a relatively simple move and wanted it as painless as possible; I was just moving a few blocks and had no major furniture pieces except for a bed, a cabinet, and a desk. I moved on the last day of July, which has to be one of the busiest days of the year for a moving company. Knowing this, I wasn’t all that surprised when no one had showed up by 6pm (someone was supposed to come between 2-6pm), but be sure to book a morning slot if timing is important to you. That being said, I received calls from teams letting me know where they were — I appreciated the communication and knowing where things stood. Apparently, the team that was supposed to help me move had gotten stuck on a huge move and wasn’t done by 6pm, so they dispatched another team in the neighborhood to come and help me. Fred and Ismail, despite it being their 3rd move of the day, were very efficient and were sure to ask me questions, such as where I wanted the bed and which boxes they should take (some of the stuff in my old apartment were my roommate’s), rather than just moving ahead full steam. I was personally OK with the late arrival, and everything else went smoothly. They took my bed apart, wrapped the softer pieces, and put it back together. And as far as I can tell, they made few noises or disturbances for my new neighbors and did not break anything or cause any major scratches. So, given the very reasonable pricing (about $475, plus tip, for my small move), efficiency (they were done in under 2 hours), communicative team, and lack of any problems (!! so grateful), I’m very happy with my experience.