Guidelines for Mattress Disposal in NYC

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Mattress Disposal in NYC might seem simple when you first hear it, but truthfully, it’s more complicated than it sounds. Over time, your old bed will start to wear down and gain weight from all the sweat, oils, mites, and so on. It’s better just to let it go if you’ve had it, and moving locally is the perfect occasion to get rid of your old bed. If you’re planning on relocating anywhere in the Big Apple, you’re more than likely to need to know how to dispose of your old bed properly.

Can I Throw Out a Mattress in NYC?

The Big Apple is very strict about the disposing of mattresses and for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest concerns is preventing the spread of bed bugs in the densely populated area. Another goal is to help keep the city as clean as possible and prevent any hazards from happening. To make the process easy, the Department of Sanitation of New York (DSNY) has options for you to get rid of your mattresses and box springs properly, so you don’t have nearly as much moving stress when you move.

Throwing Away a Mattress in NYC on Your Own is a Bad Idea

Taking matters into your own hands and throwing away your mattress is never a good idea and could end up costing you a $100 fine. The last thing you want to do while moving in New York is tack on another expense to your moving expenses checklist. It’s much better to follow the provided guidelines to avoid any fines or further problems.

Throwing away items without the proper guidelines can cost you a $100 fine

How Do I Dispose of a Mattress?

For proper disposal, there is a set of guidelines you need to follow. These guidelines have been put in place to make sure that the sanitation service can adequately dispose of your bed without any chances of bed bugs or mites infecting anyone.

NYC Mattress Disposal Guidelines

As we mentioned before, the DSNY requires that you follow specific guidelines for your furniture to be disposed of. Meeting these requirements is imperative; otherwise, you’ll be stuck with your bed or risk paying a fine for not following the regulations. The city is rigorous in preventing bed bugs from spreading, so get familiar with these guidelines:

  • All mattresses must be sealed appropriately beforehand,
  • Items 4 x 3 feet in size are not required to be scheduled for pick-up, but must be set out on the curb between 4 pm and midnight,
  • Items larger than 4 x 3 feet must be prepared to be picked up,
  • If you miss a pick-up date, you must call to reschedule, so it’s in your best interest to not be late.
Follow each of the guidelines to get rid of your old mattress

Scheduling A Mattress Disposal – Getting Rid of it The Right Way

When relocating, scheduling a mattress removal in NYC can be complicated and take a while, so it’s essential to add this task to your moving to-do list. Typically, you’ll have to schedule a pick-up 3 to 4 weeks in advance, and they’re subject to delays and cancellations depending on weather conditions and city holidays. This can cause time issues, especially if you’re expected to be moved out by a specific date.

Get Your Mattress Prepared for Pick-Up

The first order of business for preparing is to schedule a date that works with your moving schedule. A good plan would be to prepare to have DSNY come the same day as your hired local movers in New York. That way, you can get everything moved out in one day, but this would have to be planned at least one month ahead. Your next step is to find a proper sized plastic bag or cover to ensure no bugs can escape. You can find these bags at your local home improvement stores, department stores, or moving supply centers. You can also contact New York City movers and ask if they provide these plastic bags with any moving service.

Schedule your mattresses to be picked up 3 to 4 weeks in advanced

Reporting an Illegally Disposed of Mattress

If you happen to run by a bed that’s not covered with a bag, sitting on a curb or near a dumpster, you should avoid it and call 311 to report it. You must keep a reasonable distance from it because you can quickly come home with uninvited guests and infect others. DSNY will come to dispose of the bed properly, so you nor anyone else will have to.

Keep a decent distance away from an illegally dumped bed and call to have it picked up immediately.

Alternative Options for Throwing Away Your Mattress

If your bed seems to be in good condition and you don’t want to throw it away, but would instead find a better use for it, there are options available for that as well. You can always opt to donate furniture in NYC and give it to those who might need it. You can also be environmentally friendly and opt for recycling. Similarly, you have options to donate clothes in NYC as well.

Mattress Donation in NYC

If you’re looking to donate your mattress in NYC, there are a few charities and non-profit organizations that will take any furniture items that are in good condition. They won’t take any worn down, broken, or unsanitary items, so make sure that your bed is cleaned correctly before donating. You can find and contact additional donations and charity organizations so you can find a suitable place for your old bed.

Mattress Recycling in NYC

When recycled, you would be amazed at what your old bed can be used for. Many facilities will gladly take your bed for recycling in NYC, such as the recycling company known as Renewable Recycling Inc. You can schedule with them to come and get your bed, and they’ll take it to be reused instead of being thrown in a landfill.

How to Donate and Recycle Your Old Mattress in New York City

You don’t have to send your old bed to a landfill if you don’t want to. You can always send it to be put to better use by donating it or recycling it, and here’s how.

Hire Movers to Help You Move Mattresses and Other Large Furniture

You now have all the knowledge you need to get rid of your old bed, so you can move out and get an excellent new bed for yourself. To help you get everything moved, you can hire a reputable New York Moving company to help you get your bed moved where you need it moved. You can contact us and opt for any excellent service offered. We offer residential moving services and many more to help you relocate. Get your bed, and everything else moved without a hitch.

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