How to Pack Fragile Items – Packing Tips for Beginners

Written by: Chloe Platt

If you never tried moving fragile items, don’t panic. There is the right solution for everything, including these extra sensitive objects we all have around our home. Follow our guide on how to pack fragile items and learn a few useful tips and tricks on how to package fragile items for shipping.

Wondering how to pack fragile items for moving? You're at the right place

What to Use to Pack Fragile Items Besides Cardboard Boxes?

If you have enough reasons to move, obtaining the right supplies should be the first thing on your moving to-do list if you want to do this the right way. So, create a special checklist and ensure some of the best packing materials for fragile items are on it:

  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • Boxes of different sizes,
  • Markers,
  • Tape and scissors.

Use Some of These Free Materials You Probably Already Have at Home

If there’s not enough room for new supplies on your moving expenses checklist, you should seek some alternative solutions. Luckily, there are many ways to find free supplies online, for example, on websites such as FreeCycle. Besides that, ask for free boxes at your local store, or use suitcases, laundry bins, and even pots with lids. For cushioning, you can try some of these:

  • Socks,
  • Cloths,
  • Linen,
  • Towels.

Smaller Boxes Are Better for Packing Fragile Items for Moving

A large box can fit a lot more, but you should not pile too many of these sensitive objects into one container. If you don’t have the original box, opt for several smaller ones instead of one bigger, or get special boxes with cardboard compartments for glasses.

Get enough bubble wrap and stuffing

How Do You Wrap Fragile Items?

Wondering how do you pack fragile figurines and other collectibles? Each item should be wrapped individually. Whether you’re using paper or bubble wrap, carefully wrap every item individually and then secure it with tape. If you’re packing plates, you should also wrap them individually or insert a layer of bubble wrap between them if you want to stack them. If you plan on throwing a moving away party, don’t rush with packing glasses, you’ll probably need them until the last minute.

Take a Look at This Video for More Tips on How to Pack Delicate Objects

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Manhattan and moving to the street nearby or to one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Your delicate belongings have to be secured during the transportation process, no matter how long the ride is, so take a look at this video for more useful tips.

How to Prepare the Box for Moving and Storage?

Many focus only on packaging fragile items but forget to secure the container or cardboard box, and that is how worst-case scenarios happen. If you want to move efficiently, you have to take everything into consideration. First, you should tape all the corners to reinforce them, as well as the bottom part, to ensure the box doesn’t open once you lift it. Second, you should insert a cushioning layer at the bottom, it could be crumpled paper or a towel.

Can You Put Fragile on a Package?

Before closing the package, it’s always best to label the box to ensure that your chosen New York City movers will handle it carefully. You can use the typical red tape that has “fragile” writing on it or use some markers and loud colors. Just make sure that the label is easily visible and on all sides.

Always label your packages

How Do I Protect My Fragile Packages?

After everything is well wrapped and you seal those boxes, it is time to consider where you are going to place them. If you’re using the truck and moving large items as well, try not to place anything heavy on top of these boxes, especially if you have a lot of glasses, stemware, and antiques. And if you plan on leaving them in a storage unit for a while, ensure they are sealed and labeled properly so you don’t forget what is where.

Carefully arrange your boxes in storage

Now When You Know How to Pack Fragile Items, Book Your New York Movers and Get Ready to Go

Finding the right movers in New York is equally important as learning how to wrap fragile items. Luckily, Twin Brothers Movers moving company in New York has a team of experts who know how to prepare all sorts of delicate objects for shipping. So whether you’re interested in residential moves or commercial relocation, their packing services could save the day if you have a lot of delicate things. If you don’t have the time or you have too many sensitive, expensive objects in your home, contact us today to book some of the services our New York moving company offers, and our crew will be on their way to help you.

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