Where to Donate Clothes in NYC

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Moving is always a great time to rearrange your closet and get rid of all those extra articles you never wear and don’t need. But when you sort out all of your clothing piles, what’s next? How about donating! We’ll give you a few ideas about where to donate clothes in NYC to help take all those unnecessary articles off your hands before your local relocation.

Moving is a great time to give away all those pesky items that clog your closet.

How Do I Dispose of Clothes in New York?

The most practical and eco-friendly way to get rid of your excess clothing would be to donate it. Whether you opt for giving it all away to a thrift shop, charity, or a recycling organization, you won’t make a wrong choice. Just in case you’re not familiar with your options, you’ll find a few suggestions on where you can donate down below.

There are many ways to get rid of apparel you don’t need.

DonateNYC Is a Great Option

DonateNYC is a part of the NYC government’s zero-waste initiative. The idea is to focus on reusing and reducing waste while also providing aid to those in need. The program collaborates with many non-profit charity organizations and distributes the surplus of their donations to these centers. The organization also uses material from unwearable second-hand attire to make new usable textiles.

RefashionNYC is a newly introduced way to gather unwanted clothing. However, if your New York move is happening sooner than you thought, this might not be the best option as you have to schedule these pickups beforehand and also be eligible for the application.

Why throw when you can drop them at a charity center!

Donating to Local Charities and Thrift Shops

With your New York city move coming up, and all that moving stress building up, you don’t need additional frustration. Instead of brain wrecking on where to take your articles, why don’t you choose one of these organizations for your donation?

Goodwill Is Always a Good Choice

Whether you’re living in Manhattan or living in Brooklyn, you’ll quickly find a Goodwill center or store near you. The Goodwill organization is always a viable option for donating. They accept everything from clothing, jewelry, and shoes to luggage and household items. The organization’s primary mission is to employ the less-fortunate and those with disabilities, so your contribution will make a difference. Before you go for a drop-off, be sure to check working hours as they vary by location.

Salvation Army Is a Staple in Every Neighborhood

The Salvation Army has several drop-off locations around New York. You’ll be happy to hear that they also offer pickup services if you’re too busy with your NY move, for example, you’re planning a moving away party or busy arranging moving services. Overall, this organization is well known for helping those battling addiction and allowing them to reintegrate into society and restore their families, as well as providing services for the less fortunate.

The Salvation Army has a long history in providing aid to the impoverished, and if you’re interested in knowing more about it, check out this video!

Bottomless Closet

The Bottomless closet is a great place to donate if you have a lot of working attire you no longer wear at home. The organization aims to help unemployed or low-income women, women from all kinds of backgrounds, get back on their feet and find jobs. All professional attire is welcomed, from blazers and pants to skirts and suits. Help empower other women to reach their goals.

If you want to get a better picture of how this organization can change a woman’s life, here’s a video.

Bowery Mission

The homeless and hungry usually seek shelter and food at the Bowery Mission, as they offer many life-saving programs and housing. Clothing donations are always welcomed, most frequently professional attire for those who want to find jobs, also, warm winter attire is needed for those colder months. So give away to those in need!

Give away to the less fortunate, make a difference.

Contributing to the Green Market in NY

If your clothing is too damaged and unwearable, there is no reason to throw it out; just donate the materials. You have several options, such as the Freecycle site, that allows you to find groups nearby to take the materials off your hands. Another good idea would be to give them away to an organization such as Fabscrap, a non-profit with the goal of reducing fabric waste.

Reuse, recycle, and restore is a great way to think!

How to Prepare Clothes for Donation

You have to bear in mind that not every piece of your clothing can be donated. First of all, keep track of the donation center’s requirement list or contact the center beforehand. Sometimes they require certain items more than others. For example, if it’s winter, chances are winter attire is needed more than summer attire.

Also, you should always give away clean and wearable clothing, check them out for any damages before you drop them, as torn articles are out of the question unless you’re donating the material.

Be sure to check every item before donating!

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