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What Makes This Harlem Neighborhood a Great Place to Live?

This National Historic District is located in the northern part of Harlem in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood. Sugar Hill has a long and rich history, as it’s one of the first neighborhoods populated by wealthy African Americans. Today, it has some of the borough’s most affordable housing. It’s also one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for singles and young adults in general, with plenty of amenities and educational institutions in the nearby area.

Local Residential Housing Is Relatively Inexpensive

While the prices have gone up over the years, the real estate in Hamilton Heights and Sugar Hill is relatively affordable compared to the rest of NYC. According to BestPlaces, the median home value of $440,300 is 35% lower than the city’s 680,500. You’ll also spend less if you decide to rent. A studio apartment will cost you $1,450 per month, while one and two-bedroom apartments cost about $1,600 and $1,900, respectively.

The District Is Very Diverse and Has a Rich History

Sugar Hill holds a significant cultural and historical importance. It became known by its current name in the 1920s during the Harlem Renaissance when wealthy African Americans populated the area. By 2002, the district and many of its buildings were introduced to the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan in terms of diversity, with about half of the population being Latino or Hispanic of any race. African Americans are the second-largest group, represented with 24.3%, followed by White with 17.2%. Asians make up 3.8% of the population, while 3.6% of the population is mixed race.

The Community Offers an Abundance of Amenities

Living in Manhattan is known to provide all kinds of opportunities, and this district is no exception. We already mentioned its cultural significance, so if you’re interested in exploring some historic buildings, James Bailey House and Nicholas C. and Agnes Benziger House are excellent starting points.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, but you can’t find the time to visit the best hikes near NYC, one of the nearby parks should be more than enough to suffice your exploration needs. The 28-acre Riverbank State Park is two blocks west of the neighborhood, and the Jackie Robinson Park follows the district’s whole eastern border.

Cafes are known as the best places to work remotely in NYC, and there’s an abundance of them in the vicinity. They are also a great place to meet people, which is why many young adults will find the neighborhood particularly attractive.

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