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Moving in New York can be challenging, especially for those doing it for the first time. Fortunately, our local company has excellent Schuylerville movers that can help you on your journey. You’ll get some of the top professional services on the market, enabling you to have a peaceful and relaxed relocation experience. Learning more about our fees won’t cost you a thing, as you only need to ask for a free quote.

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Many Things Make Schuylerville, NY a Nice Place to Live

This East Bronx middle-class community mostly consists of single and two-family houses.

However, many factors make Schuylerville one of the best neighborhoods in the Bronx. Besides having affordable housing, it’s safe and very diverse, and there are many excellent schools and outdoor activities in its vicinity.

Buying a Home Is Relatively Affordable Compared to the Borough

The neighborhood is a mix of urban and suburban, excellent for both families and young professionals. If you’re looking to buy some real estate, the median home value of $405,900 is slightly more expensive than the Bronx’s $382,900 (*according to Niche). Compared to the overall NYC’s cost of $570,500, getting a place here is about 30% more affordable.

With 60% of all homes not being occupied by owners, renting is a more popular option, even though the median rent of $1,500 is 25% higher than the borough’s $1,200. Higher yearly earnings are likely the main thing that makes up for the difference. While the median household income of $63,100 may not seem as much at first, it’s 66% higher than the Bronx’s $38,100 and more in line with the city’s $60,800.

The Community Has Many Things Going for It

Besides the relatively affordable real estate, many other factors make relocating to this neighborhood an excellent choice:

  • General safety – While Schuylerville’s crime numbers could be better, it’s still one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. The number of crimes per 100,000 is 17% lower compared to the city as a whole, and it’s about 27% safer than anywhere else in the Bronx.
  • Racial diversity – If you’re looking for a diverse place to live, then this is the community for you. Similar to the borough as a whole, most of the population, about 55%, identify as Hispanic or Latino. White is the second biggest racial group with 31%, with most people having Italian ancestry. African Americans and Asians are represented by 8% and 4%, respectively.
  • High-quality education – Just like some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families, the area is served by some excellent schools. Some of the top institutions in the area include Senator John D. Calandra School, Perham Lab School, St. Benedicts School, and Bronx Elementary.

You’ll Be Close to the City’s Largest Outdoor Areas

You won’t have to travel to the best hikes near NYC to experience some excellent outdoor activities, as the neighborhood is very close to some of the city’s top parks. The most important location we need to mention is Pelham Bay Park. Covering over 2,770 acres, it’s NYC’s largest public park, over three times larger than the famous Central Park. Whether you plan to go on going on a hike, explore its wildlife, or enjoy some sports, there’s almost nothing you can’t do here. It even has a dog run, excellent if you’re moving with pets, and its 115-acre Orchard Beach is a sight to behold. Before you start exploring its numerous features, we highly recommend you find a bike rental in NYC, as biking will allow you to traverse its enormous landscape much quicker.

Top Moving Companies in New York Operate in All the Boroughs

The relocation industry in NY manages tens of thousands of relocations each year. With so many New York movers out there, some companies focus on providing services within a specific borough, while others can help you move across the city. Our company, Twin Brothers Movers, is one of the few that covers everything within a thirty-mile radius. Whether you’re living in Queens or one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, you can count on our New York City movers to handle your relocation.

Get Some Top-Notch Services by Hiring Our Schuylerville Movers

As one of the top local movers in New York, our job is to ensure that all customers receive the best possible service. While people have various reasons to move, most of the relocation requests can be satisfied with the next two options.

Whether you’re relocating to a condo or a house, our residential moving services will enable you to have a less complicated move overall. We’ll cover everything you need, including an appropriately-sized truck that can fit all your belongings.

A commercial move is tailor-made for small businesses and larger companies. These usually require a larger workforce that can handle all the furniture and equipment. Hire us, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Our Movers in Schuylerville Will Take Care of All the Packing for You

Trying to pack all your belongings only to realize you’ve barely scratched the surface can be pretty frustrating. Why waste time when you can get our professional packing service. If you let us handle all the work, your moving stress will quickly disappear, and all your items and furniture will be adequately prepared for the transport.

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While you may be tempted to hire a cheaper mover, these often have little to no customer feedback, which can mean two things. They are either a brand-new company or a scam waiting to happen. Fortunately for you, excellent reviews are one more thing that separates us from other New York moving companies, besides the top-notch services, of course.

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