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Relocations in NYC can be a lot easier if you hire our local Queens Village movers. Having one of the better moving companies in New York can help you a lot during your move. Our services can fit any customer, and we got plenty of reviews that can back up that statement. If you want to get some more information, you just need to contact us and request a free quote.

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Check Out This Queens Community

If you’re looking for a racially diverse neighborhood in Queens, NY, this might be a perfect place for you. The community is located in the eastern part of the borough and features very affordable real estate while still being pretty safe overall. Although the location is mostly covered with residential housing, you can always find plenty of things to explore in one of the nearby neighborhoods.

Real Estate Is Quite Affordable Compared to the Rest of the NYC

One of the great things about living in Queens is that it’s a lot more affordable than living in Manhattan or almost any other borough. When compared to NYC overall, the neighborhood’s median home value of $410,900 is about 20% cheaper, while the rent price of $1,150 is 12% lower. As almost 73% of all households are owner-occupied, buying is a lot more prevalent than renting, unlike the city where renters occupy 68% of units.

The Community Is Both Safe and Diverse

The neighborhood is very racially diverse, making it one of the best places to live in Queens if you’re a person of color. African Americans are the largest racial group, representing 60.9% of the local population, followed by Asians with about 13.1%. The White race is represented by 8.8%, while over 6% of the population is mixed race. Furthermore, 29% identify as Hispanic, which can also belong to any of the mentioned groups (*data taken from AreaVibes).

While it may not be one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, the local crime rates show signs of improvement, with felonies decreasing by about 1% each year. In fact, the overall crime occurrence is 18% lower than in NYC as a whole. Compared to the borough, the community’s rates are 28% lower, which almost puts it in line with the safest neighborhoods in Queens.

You’ll Be a Short Distance From Some Excellent Outdoor Areas

While the neighborhood mostly consists of residential housing, the nearby areas offer some excellent outdoor activities. As one of the city’s biggest parks, Alley Pond Park features so many opportunities you won’t even need to visit the best hikes near NYC. Its 655 acres have everything from playgrounds and biking trails to numerous handball, tennis, and basketball courts. Those moving with pets should check out Cunningham Park. While it may be almost half the size of the previous entry, it has an excellent dog run area where the man’s best friend can run around without a leash. If you’re interested in horse racing, check out Belmont Park. The facility is just east of the neighborhood, and it can hold a crowd of over 120,000 people.

Hire One of the Top New York City Moving Companies

Whether you’re relocating for the first time, or you can’t handle the moving stress, you can always get some local movers in New York to assist you. Luckily, your search for the right company is already done, as Twin Brothers Movers provides some of the best customer-friendly moving services on the market.

Our Moving Services Have Excellent Reviews

Finding the right New York City movers is a lot easier when you can go through some reviews. Thankfully, we’ve been receiving excellent customer feedback, which helped us grow our company into one of the leading businesses in the industry. Many of our clients leave interesting suggestions in their reviews, adding more value to the relationships we’ve built over the years. If you want to look at some of the feedback, you can do so on our website.

What Services Can Our Local Queens Village Movers Provide?

Our New York moving company has a couple of options that encompass the two most common customer requests. The residential relocation service is there if you need to move your home. Whether you’re moving to an apartment or a house, our team will handle the entire process for you.

On the other hand, relocating a company takes a lot more time, but our team will make sure your commercial move doesn’t interfere with your schedule. You can also choose this service if you need a larger workforce to help you.

Cut the Packing Time by Getting This Service From Our Movers in Queens Village

Packing is the starting point of each relocation, but it’s often underestimated. This is especially apparent when wrapping up delicate objects, as many people either lack the proper knowledge or the materials necessary to handle these items. As one of the top New York moving companies, we offer an excellent packing service that encompasses everything needed to secure your belongings properly. There’s no need to worry if you don’t know how to pack glasses for moving, as we’ll wrap and box up all the things for you.

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We can help you move anywhere within NYC, from the Bronx to Staten Island, no matter the distance. Besides covering a 30-mile area in the city, our company also offers a free quote on all services. This will also enable you to easily organize your moving expenses checklist without worrying about going over the budget. So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us, and book one of the top New York movers now.