5 Best Places to Live in Staten Island

Written by: Chloe Platt

Wondering what the best places to live in Staten Island are? As you are already living in New York, you know that this city has plenty to offer and, of course, Staten Island is no exception. You have probably been here and experienced its friendly community, delicious pizza, and the iconic local ferry. If you are now thinking about making this place your home, be sure to follow our list of top 5 best neighborhoods in the best NYC borough and see which one suits your lifestyle.

The iconic ferry is a favorite mode of transportation for locals.

Great Kills That Won’t Kill You

The name itself doesn’t sound very inviting, but Great KIlls is among favorite neighborhoods to live on the East Coast. “Kill” actually comes from an archaic Dutch word, and it is used to describe water streams. Every resident loves Amboy Road, which offers things like great shopping stores, cafes, and restaurants. If you decide to make this place your home, you’ll be surrounded by the best pizza restaurants. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Great Kills Park is a vast area that offers a life-guarded beach, biking and hiking trails, fishing areas, and much more. If you decide to move here, you have to know that commuting to Manhattan will take around 90 minutes.

The Best Public Schools in Staten Island Are in Great Kills

If you are starting a family and want to settle in a neighborhood that offers the most excellent public schools in New York City, you should definitely move to Great Kills. Public schools here are among the highest-rated. Schools like Stuyvesant High School and Technical High School are praised for efficient educational programs and excellent organization.

Great Kills is among the greatest neighborhoods in NYC for the finest educational opportunities.

Thanks to the Ferry, St. George is the Getaway to Staten Island

St. George is a pretty popular district for young couples and professionals. If you decide to move here, you’ll like a quick commute to Manhattan, secured through St. George’s ferry. This is the most developed place in the area and abounds in vivid nightlife, restaurants, and shops. St George is also attractive for its various housing options. You’ll find everything, from 19th-century brownstones in the historic district to modern condos and apartments. If you are moving with pets, you’ll be able to easily find pet friendly apartments.

Museums and Cultural Entertainment in St. George

St. George is also known as a hub for arts and culture. You’ll find plenty of art galleries, museums, landmark memorials, and other culturally valuable places:

  • The Postcards 9/11 Memorial;
  • Borough Hall;
  • George Theater;
  • National Lighthouse Museum;
  • Galerie St. George.
Move to St. George and start living in a fantastic 19th-century brownstone.

The International Vibe of New Dorp

New Dorp is the largest district on the island and most densely populated. However, peaceful and quiet parts can be found away from the main streets. New Dorp is historical, cool, and very walkable. A popular spot is the beach, as well as New Dorp Park. The commute is pretty quick, and you can ride a ferry to get to work. This place is also known as a diverse place where you’ll find many settlers from Albania, Italy, and Poland. According to NeighborhoodScout, 4.9% speak Arabic at home, which is more than 98% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

Housing Options in New Dorp

Homes and apartment buildings in New Dorp are the ones that give this place a charming and relaxing atmosphere. However, finding a larger home is pretty challenging because of its dense population. If you decide to move here, you might need to leave your belongings in storage facilities until you find a better housing option.

Living in New Dorp means close access to its vast park area.

Todt Hill Offers the Highest Elevation in NYC

Todt Hill quite proudly represents its name. Even though it’s only about 400 feet above the sea level, this neighborhood offers a high elevation, which provides a breathtaking view all the way to Brooklyn and Manhattan. Todt Hill is also a place full of lush vegetation, elegant homes, and a serene atmosphere. These are the main reasons why many young families and retirees choose to settle here. It is important to highlight that the Todt Hill community is very private. Large homes are divided by fences and trees, and the place lacks sidewalks. Therefore, Todt Hill is a place for people who enjoy solitude.

Check out the Video for Some More Information About Todt Hill

If you want to remove yourself from the NYC hustle and bustle, consider moving to Todt Hill. Check out the video below to see the many advantages of settling in this area.

West Brighton is an Idyllic Safe Neighborhood

West Brighton is a small neighborhood, but at the same time, it is densely populated. There are a couple of reasons why people decide to make this place their home. The best pizza in New York City can be found in plenty of Italian eateries, crime rates are low, and housing is affordable. The current median home value is $540K, which is why many young families are drawn to West Brighton. If you want to start a family in this wonderful place, create a moving expenses checklist and start searching for your perfect home.

Moving to West Brighton Means Enjoying Vast Park Fields

West Brighton is also known as “the Borough of Parks”, where its residents like to spend free time. If you decide to relocate here, you’ll be able to enjoy a delightful green space. Snug Harbor Cultural Center is home to a unique New York City gem, Chinese Scholar’s Garden. For those who enjoy hiking, biking, and any other kind of outdoor recreation, Clove Lakes Park offers vast sports fields. If you are moving to this place with your children, they will love the local Zoo.

The elegant Chinese Scholar's Garden is a unique and breathtaking attraction in West Brighton.

That’s It for the Best Places to Live in Staten Island

Hopefully, this article helped you choose which New York City area in Staten Island will become your home. When you decide to take action and start planning your relocation, be sure to get professional moving services near you. Avoid moving stress by calling our company, Twin Brothers Movers, and we will help you transfer your belongings to a residence in Staten Island.

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