Best Places to Live in Queens in 2020

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Written by: Chloe Platt

Queens is home to more than two million residents and is one of the most sought-after districts near the beating heart of New York. If you have been wondering what are the best places to live in Queens in 2020 that are within reach of young professionals and families, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our guide and see if the World’s Borough is the right place for your relocation.

What is the Safest Neighborhood in Queens?

This New York borough is densely populated, uniquely diverse, and with all the vibrant energy of Manhattan for half the price. With spectacular and affordable neighborhoods at excellent locations, one can’t help but wonder – is living in Queens too good to be true? Are those suburbs safe for young people with children?

StreetEasy recently researched the safety of New York neighborhoods. According to their findings, central and northeastern neighborhoods in the region were among the safest in the city. This includes the Woodhaven and Richmond Hill districts. Additionally, the report found that it is much safer to live in one of these neighborhoods than to settle closer to the NYC buzz as the area saw eight crimes per 1,000 residents in early 2019. So before you start browsing New York moving companies, check out the communities below and pick one for yourself.

Forest Hills: City Life in a Suburban Setting

This is a well-packaged neighborhood, a condensed mini-Manhattan. Forest Hills is known for its stunning row houses with a rustic culture and high-rise apartments. You’ll enjoy a rural-urban setting filled with fine local dining, cafes, and boutique shops along Austin Street. The real estate market consists mostly of single-family homes and co-ops at affordable prices. Known for shared green spaces, safe streets, and excellent schools, Forest Hills is a perfect home for young families who want to be close to the buzz of the metropolis.

Forest Hills Stadium

This is a New York gem that hosted The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Simon and Garfunkel. Located centrally in Forest Hills and recently refurbished, Forest Hills Stadium is a 14,000-seat venue that has the goal of redefining the current concept of the outdoor concert experience. Enjoy an impressive state-of-the-art stage and excellent acoustics at Forest Hills Stadium and expect most of the happenings to be in the summer. Before the show, enjoy local dining and cocktail bars on the streets leading to the stadium, and continue the celebration in one of the famous local bars after.

If you've been on the lookout for a suburban lifestyle close to summer happenings at the Forest Hills stadium, this community ticks all the boxes.

Bayside: The Best Place in Queens For Young Families

Located in the northeast of the borough, Bayside is an upper-middle-class locality where single-family homes predominate. It offers the highest-rated schooling opportunities in the metropolis and ample parks – an archetype of suburban life. It boasts wide streets with lots of shared green spaces with a quick commute to Manhattan. You’ll enjoy exploring a vast number of shops and restaurants along Bell Boulevard, with many businesses family operated for decades. Overall, Bayside boasts excellent schools, low crime rates, and an ethnically diverse community.

Crocheron Park: An All-Year-Round Attraction in Queens

This lush green park is located along the Little Neck Bay, and it is where locals go to get away during weekends. Moving with pets can be a stressful process, but as soon as you bring your pet to this 51-acre attraction park, you will be able to put all that moving stress behind you. Your furry friend will enjoy relaxing walks in the mornings through Crocheron Park’s pathways. The Foot Branch Trail is around a central pond where you can spend your time with ducklings or enjoy ice skating during the winter months. Additionally, Crocheron Park includes tennis courts, playgrounds, and baseball fields. If you intend to stay for a while, you can bring your snacks and enjoy the picnic areas or visit nearby trendy restaurants on Bell Boulevard.

Bayside is perfect for young families looking for a charming community with low crime rates and excellent schooling opportunities.

Astoria: The Best Queens Neighborhood for Millenials

Vibrant and unique, this district is more suited for millennials who need an affordable neighborhood to live with a quick commute to Downtown. The younger crowd is slowly infiltrating Astoria, but the area remains family-friendly. The housing market is more than affordable, with spacious houses and newly developed condos. Arts, all types of cuisine, and many cultural institutions are one of many things to find in this charming community. You’ll fall in love with the view, eclectic architecture, and an inclusive and welcoming community.

Astoria Park: A Beautiful View from the Neighborhood

On the west side of the borough, Astoria Park offers a panoramic view of NYC’s midtown Manhattan and diverse landscape. The stunning natural beauty of this location brings thousands of visitors each year, but this is not the only attraction of this popular recreational space. Astoria Park is equipped with one of the most popular swimming facilities in the country, a couple of playgrounds, numerous tennis and baseball courts, and an all-weather running track. At any time of the day, you will find locals enjoying community organizations or spending their leisure time with their loved ones.

If you dream of moving to an affordable and young-crowded place, Astoria might be what you're looking for.

Rego Park: A Growing Neighborhood With Character

This is one of those places that has seen many changes over the years but managed to rise to the top. This area used to be farms and swamps with a much smaller tight-knit community. Today, Rego Park is a bustling and ethnically diverse neighborhood that is attractive to everyone ranging from young couples with kids to senior citizens. Here you’ll find a mix of cultures, green spaces, and interesting architecture. Shopping is convenient, public transportation is readily available, and housing costs are easily manageable.

The Unisphere – Make Sure to Check it Out

Designed for the New York World’s Fair, twelve stories tall and weighing over 750,000 pounds; the Unisphere is a beautiful, giant steel globe in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. It is visible to drivers and air passengers departing from LaGuardia Airport as a symbol of world peace. You can see here locals strolling around, meeting and spending time with their friends.

Rego Park is an ethnically diverse community with lots of green spaces.

Long Island City: The Best Area in Queens For Students

This former manufacturing epicenter is now one of the most exciting neighborhoods in New York City. Sleek high-rises, beautiful public spaces, and the energetic community are among the most significant selling points of Long Island City. The cultural scene has steadily developed over the years and now attracts artists from around the world to showcase their talents and join this growing community. Saturday dance parties, outdoor patio spaces are filled every night. Additionally, many craft breweries contribute to the college and post-college town vibe of Long Island City.

Long Island Museum: Inspiring Education Programming

It is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages by preserving and displaying its extensive collection that includes historical artifacts and carriages. The Museum is very involved in the local community as it provides robust educational programming with the help of other cultural organizations.

Long Island City offers an energetic community, a developed cultural scene, and exciting nightlife perfect for students.

Sunnyside: Best For The Reasonable Spenders

If you are not afraid to spend the dough but you are determined to get the most for your buck – Sunnyside is the right place for you. It is known for a tight-knit community overlooking the East River and its distinctive middle-class feel. Here you’ll enjoy quiet green spaces with vistas of Manhattan skyscrapers. Sunnyside is a haven for young professionals looking for a locality with a thriving restaurant scene, cozy cafes, and brick row homes with backyards at affordable prices.

Thalia Hispanic Theatre: Moving, Dancing, and Dialogue

Locals love this place because it celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of Spanish and Latin American culture in the form of unique musicals and production of plays. Thalia Hispanic Theatre was founded in 1977 by Cuban actress Silvia Brito that specializes in an art form that combines singing with dialogue and promotes many dancers and folklorists.

Sunnyside is a charming district with brick row houses, spectacular views, and a welcoming community.

Flushing: The Best Queens Neighborhood for Food Lovers

Always notable Flushing is far from Manhattan, close to the Mets, and very, very, lively. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods and is now known as one of the New York City’s melting pots for Chinese and other immigrant communities. Thanks to this diverse demography, the streets of Flushing are bustling with lots of late-night gastro pubs that offer fusion-style cuisine, which is known outside of this north-central neighborhood. You should not expect to rent high-rises or luxury condos in Flushing as it consists of a variety of mid-rise buildings with affordable units. The Flushing district is not in short supply of schooling options; there are many well-regarded schools to choose from.

Glendale: The Best Neighborhood For Young Professionals

This is another community offering a balance of suburban peace and a lively, urban environment. Glendale is characterized by tree-lined streets and detached brick houses with backyards. It attracts young professionals looking for cost-effective housing and easy commutes. Glendale’s tight community is bounded between countless strips of parks and an easily accessible subway system. If you choose Glendale for your new home, expect upscale dining, boutique shops, and the non-stop entertainment of Manhattan a short subway ride away.

Glendale Centre Theatre: A Family-Owned Arts Venue

This is a performing arts venue that has been family-owned for decades in downtown Glendale. Locals enjoy watching live performances of comedies and Broadway classics. On weekends, there are children’s live theater performances to visit.

This lively place is most suited for young professionals looking for tree-lined streets and strips of parks a ride away from The City that Never Sleeps.

Kew Gardens: A Little Town in Central Queens

Surrounded by Forest Park, this neighborhood is in the northeastern area and it offers ample green spaces and peaceful evenings. You’ll find a mix of brick single-family homes and a vast number of newly developed condos and semi-detached houses at affordable prices. As a local resident, you will be able to rely on your neighbors and enjoy living in a cohesive community. There are plenty of outdoor activities like hiking and running tracks, outdoor concerts, and horse riding trails. Overall, Kew Gardens is a charming area with plenty of greenery to match its name for those who are looking for an authentic neighborhood vibe.

The Things That Make Kew Gardens One of the Best Neighborhoods Here

If you have considered relocating to Kew Gardens, take a look at this narrated walkthrough Lefferts Boulevard in this green and charming district.

Where Should I Live in Queens? Decide Before Calling Your Movers in New York

As you can see, Queens is a mix of cultures, fantastic food, and family-friendly neighborhoods with lots of green scenery. With the best neighborhoods in Manhattan just a stone’s throw away, you will never miss a beat in the City That Never Sleeps. Understandably, you may need a moment to absorb the overflow of information thrown your way, but this just proves how diverse these communities are.

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